4th Gen Female Idol Shocks With Actress Level Visuals

Netizens are going crazy for her beauty!

A stunning 4th gen idol is trending over her appearance at the 2023 Melon Music Awards, and it’s none other than STAYC‘s J!

STAYC’s J | @sedaily_star/Twitter
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In clips from the red carpet, J exudes the naturally beautiful and innocent aura of an actress, a type of beauty that exceeds the typical idol.

Netizens joked that J “wrongfully” came to the Melon Music Awards and should be at the Blue Dragon Film Awards instead, thanks to her actress-level visuals!

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| Sports Donga

From her gorgeous gown to her sleek hairstyle, J’s ethereal beauty was complimented by stunning styling that suits her pure visuals.

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| @sedaily_star/Twitter

In her past photos, she proves she’s been stunning since day one…

| Predebut J

…and has now grown into a stunning young woman!

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With her level of beauty, netizens hope one day J could venture in the world of acting!

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