Rookie Idol Goes Viral For “Actress” Visuals At 2023 Melon Music Awards

“Turning the MMAs into Blue Dragon…”

There’s no question about it: The 2023 Melon Music Awards was a TOTAL star-studded event. K-Pop stars served looks after looks on the red carpet for fans to celebrate for decades to come.

7 Of The Hottest Looks From The “2023 Melon Music Awards” Red Carpet

Of them all, though, rookie girl group STAYC‘s J has gone mega-viral among Korean fans…

STAYC | @melon/Twitter

…for giving total “actress” vibes!

STAYC’s J | Dispatch

In a gorgeous black dress, J flaunted her elegant figure…

| Dispatch
Sports Donga

…as she smiled and waved at her fans.

Online communities sang praise for how beautiful J looked at the event—with most pointing out how she looked like she was at the red carpet for the “Blue Dragon Film Awards,” and not the MMAs.

| Nate Pann
  • “It makes me wonder how come people don’t talk about her visuals more because she’s a f*cking vision.”
  • “She looked gorgeous tonight.”
  • “Such a natural beauty, wow.”
  • “So pleasant to the eyes, too. She’s gorgeous. She’s looking extra legendary tonight, haha!”
| theqoo
  • “J is giving actress.”
  • “J singlehandedly turning this into the Blue Dragon Film Awards red carpet.”
  • “They’re all beautiful.”
  • Daebak, J!”
  • “J’s visuals are insane.”
  • “I hope J goes into acting later.”
  • “Aw, J…! T-T”
| theqoo
  • “SO PRETTY! T-T”
  • “J is f*cking gorgeous.”
  • “For reals. J is a f*cking beauty.”
  • “J looks amazing!”
  • “J is f*cking pretty.”
  • “Rado’s bundle of flowers… J is looking INSANE.”
  • “Let’s get J acting!”
  • “J looks really pretty.”
  • “All the members look great… but J is f*cking crazy good-looking. How is she so beautiful?!”
  • “I love their outfits, they look so good.”

Watch STAYC perform “Teddy Bear” at the 2023 MMAs here!

Source: theqoo and Nate Pann