STAYC’s J Is Known As The “Short-Haired” Girl In The Group—Here’s How She Feels About It

She revealed how she feels about her trademark bob cut!

STAYC‘s J has gained attention for her gorgeous visuals in her iconic bob haircut, but she recently revealed how she actually felt about cutting her hair short at the time of their debut!

J | @STAYC_official/Twitter

STAYC recently appeared on IDDP, where they talked about their profiles, their comeback, and more!

While reading her profile, J came across a certain sentence that has practically defined her since their debut!

Bob-hair has been her trademark since debut. She cut her hair after her boss asked one of the members to have short hair.

Sumin then revealed that J actually hated having to cut her hair before their debut back then!

I remember you didn’t want to cut it.


J confirmed this, saying that she’d been growing it out for 2 years, and it all went down the drain after the drastic haircut!

I absolutely hated it. I had been growing it for 2 years, but they wanted to cut it! So I absolutely hated it.


She then conceded to how good she looks with shorter hair now, and said she quite likes it!

But I like short hair better now.


J has been rocking the shorter cut since their debut, and looks amazing with it! Whether it was the dark bob from their “SO BAD” era… the light pink cut in “ASAP”…

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…and now, the bright blonde bob for “Stereotype”, she’s slayed them all!

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STAYC made their comeback with the album Stereotype, and a title track of the same name. Watch the MV for it here!

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