STAYC’s J Reveals The Truth Behind Her Group’s Heartwarming Interaction With NMIXX On Music Shows

They have a past connection.

These two hot rookies made headlines previously when their heartwarming interaction was captured on camera. STAYC and NMIXX were up for first place nominations on Inkigayo and STAYC ended up winning. NMIXX still made sure to congratulate the group and greet them.

Fans wondered about the interaction between the two and one lucky fan took the chance to ask J about it during a videocall fan sign. J revealed that she had originally known the NMIXX members!

The members had trained with J as she was in JYP Entertainment as a trainee before moving to her current company.

She had seen all of the members in practice except for Sullyoon who probably joined after J left. J was very pleased to see the familiar faces on stage!

To be honest, I actually know them. They’re friends that trained with me at my previous company. I know all of their faces except for Sullyoon. I was very happy to see them.

— J

We love to see queens supporting queens! Hopefully we can see more of this friendship.

Source: pann