STAYC Members Reveal Why They Can’t Have Cellphones Just Yet… And Fans Discuss K-Pop’s “Phone Ban”

“But it’s literally 2021…?!”

In the latest episode of Midnight Idol on NAVER NOW, show host Ha Sungwoon interviewed rising star girl group STAYC. During this interview, STAYC members revealed that they currently don’t have access to their cellphones — as per their agency High Up Entertainment‘s restriction against rookie groups having personal cellphones.

STAYC | @kr_now/Twitter

When Ha Sungwoon asked in shock when the “phone ban” will be lifted, STAYC members clarified, “The CEO said we can have it when we win #1 on a music program.”

Ha Sungwoon: You don’t have phones?!

STAYC: No, because we’re rookies…

Ha Sungwoon: Oh, because you’re rookies… I see. That kind of sucks?! When will you get your own phones?

STAYC: When we win #1 on a music program… One of the three main broadcasting channels’ music programs.

Ha Sungwoon: Oh man, I hope you win soon so you can all have your own phones.

Shortly after the episode aired, STAYC fans criticized the agency CEO, Black Eyed Pilseung, for implementing a restriction that is “so against a basic and essential  human need.” In over a thousand quote tweets about the short clip shared, fans expressed frustration with the “outdated restriction.”

While phone bans aren’t new to the K-Pop world, as STAYC’s industry sunbae groups OH MY GIRL and GFRIEND also reportedly had their cellphones “taken” by their agencies for years, fans are finding the practice to be generally unnecessary — especially since “it’s literally 2021.”

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