STAYC’s Seeun Gains Attention For Her Bare-Faced Visuals In Recent Vlog

Which do you prefer: Seeun with makeup, or without?

STAYC is a group full of gorgeous visuals, and after a recent vlog of hers, Seeun has been commanding the attention of every netizen for her goddess-like beauty!

Seeun | @STAYC_official/Twitter

Seeun has been praised to no end for her visuals by netizens, especially her pre-debut yearbook photos that prove she’s been a natural, stunning beauty her whole life!

Seeun pre-debut | The Qoo

And in her most recent vlog, her no-makeup face visuals are creating a lot of hype! A 2003-liner, Seeun is currently still a high school student, and filmed a vlog where she chronicled her day from the moment she woke up to the end of her busy school and workday!

Even with no makeup, Seeun was absolutely stunning, and her bright smile is enough to lift everyone’s spirits!

Even with a mask on and only her big eyes being visible, Seeun’s gorgeous visuals cannot be hidden!

As Seeun is usually seen with a full face of makeup…

| @STAYC_official/Twitter

…fans are now wondering, which is the superior Seeun look; with or without makeup?

Netizens couldn’t help but rave over her beauty!

  • She’s really cute ㅠ Seeun is the prettiest in the world ㅠ
  • Surprisingly, Seeun looks much prettier without makeup, and I thought she was already quite pretty on stage.
  • Aww so pretty, lovely!

But either way, this visual queen boasts a totally unreal beauty!

Watch her adorable vlog here!

Source: Nate Pann