STAYC Teams Up With SK Telecom For Their K-Pop Metaverse AR Project, To Release Special MV

If you ever wanted to take a picture with STAYC, now you can!

SK Telecom, South Korea’s largest wireless telecommunications operator, has announced that it has chosen STAYC to be the representative idols for a K-Pop metaverse project.

A metaverse is a virtual-reality space in which users can interact with computer-generated environments and content, as well as other users potentially. SK Telecom’s K-Pop metaverse project aims to “continue the global K-Pop craze” by coming up with new and innovative ways for fans to connect with their idols during the times of social distancing. The company is looking to expand on the newly growing mixed reality projects, such as aespa with their AI counterparts.

As STAYC were chosen as the most influential rookie idol group by the 2021 Brand Customer Loyalty Awards and their most recent music video for their song “ASAP” exceeded 20 milion views in 10 days, the group are rapidly gaining traction in the eyes of the public. SK Telecom aims to provide both real STACY and AI content for fans to enjoy.

| SK Telecom

To kick off the collaboration, the group will be releasing a special music video for their latest title track, “ASAP,” in partnership with SK Telecom and JumpAR, an augmented reality app. JumpAR allows its users to shoot, edit and share AR content, and will allow fans to interact with exclusive STAYC AR content. The music video will feature “human and metaverse content” and will be released on May 20 on YouTube.

In addition to the music video, to celebrate the launch of the K-Pop metaverse project, fans will be able to win various goods, such as STAYC merch and AirPods through fun games.

Source: Financial News