STAYC’s Sumin Tried To Compliment BTOB’s Seo Eunkwang But Made A Funny Fail Instead

The moment went from 🥺 to 😂.

It seems like BTOB‘s collecting Melodys left and right! STAYC‘s Yoon revealed herself to be a huge fan of BTOB on Idol League. In a lucky twist of fate, Eunkwang was the MC for the show. She got to confess just how much she adored BTOB.

Yoon even picked Eunkwang as her favorite member.

However, the moment turned from touching to funny, when member Sumin spoke up. She shared that she was also a huge fan of Eunkwang!

Eunkwang immediately called her out on suspicions that Sumin was lying to be polite.

Sumin denied that she was lying and shared that she absolutely loved the song “Beautiful Pain” by BTOB. She had listened to it on repeat for two weeks when it first came out.

Hilariously, Eunkwang pointed out that “Beautiful Pain” was a song that he did not participate in because he was serving in the military then.

He jokingly expressed disappointment in Sumin while she got flustered.

MC Sandara Park quickly wrapped up the moment by asking Eunkwang to sing a song for the girls. Alls well ends well! Check out the cute interaction below.