A Fan Played A Joke On STAYC’s J During A Videocall Fansign Causing Her To Be Hurt For A Moment … Netizens Discuss Appropriate Behavior During Such Calls

Where is the appropriate line for jokes?

Highup Entertainment‘s rookie girl group STAYC has become one of the most accomplished newbies to debut in 2020…

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… meaning the group’s talented members are sweeping K-Pop fans off their feet! During a recent video call fan meeting event, the maknae member J got to interact with one of those enchanted fans…

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… except this fan had a cheeky prank in mind. In a harmless tweet, the fan shared her recorded video call with J in which she pulled a wordplay that initially “shocked” J by calling her “not nice“.

Fan: You know J, I think you’re not nice…
J: (Frowns) Oh…
Fan: … not nice for my heart!
J: (Laughs)

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When the fan tweeted the clip, it inevitably sparked a fierce debate. While many found J’s reaction to be extremely adorable, some pointed out that J “looks actually really brokenhearted for a second“. Most K-Pop fans agreed that “there are better ways to tell idols how they’re loved” and that “even the most wholehearted pranks can become traumatizing to idols“, given the sensitive nature of the industry.

The fan since deleted the tweet but it had already spread to online communities, where the debate remains fierce.

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  • “I don’t like those kind of jokes that can hurt people.”
  • “Whether or not the idol is a baby, let’s just not do those kind of jokes. It’s not fun.”
  • “Please control yourselves.”
  • “If you like someone, don’t hurt them.”
  • “Why would you hurt them”
  • “It was cute, her sad expression, but please don’t do these jokes. It hurts me just to see it. She seems like she was really choked up in that moment!”

With the generations speeding along, such punny jokes and “savage” moments have become commonplace in K-Pop. However, it seems that some lines still should be kept for the sake of both parties!

Source: theqoo