STAYC’s CEO Shares Why He Has To Give The Girls Unique Hairstyles Despite Knowing Fans Hate It

He knows fans hate it.

STAYC has been releasing many hit tracks lately. With every comeback however, fans note that their hairstyles have been increasingly dynamic.

With their debut song, “SO BAD”, the girls looked gorgeous but less memorable with a standard look of all dark hair.

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For their next comeback, “ASAP”, Sieun shocked fans with orange blond hair, while J went pink. However, the most eye-catching was Seeun with a two-block hairstyle, the front block dyed turquoise. Many fans were displeased with the company over the styling.

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Their latest comeback, “Stereotype”, had J going white blond and Seeun with two-toned hair. The most shocking was Yoon, with three-layered hair, the ends dyed green

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Naturally, fans were not happy. What happened to the gorgeous styling from “SO BAD”? Their CEO and producer, Black Eyed Pilseung, spoke up during an interview with Kim Gu Ra.

Black Eyed Pilseung stated that he knew that their company was a small one. With only 5 employees, they’d be under small-tier, not even middle-tier. The idol industry is heavily saturated, with only a few making it big each year.

He knew STAYC needed a way to stand out. He figured that styling was a sure fire way to get the girls noticed, and remembered.

Of course, he knows fans won’t be happy and that fans wish for the girls to maintain long, dark hair.

However, if weird hairstyles were the way to get remembered, he was prepared for the company to be cursed out by fans if it worked.

He ended off by promising that he had no intentions of stopping the odd hairstyles for the time being.

Although this may seem like an odd method, many companies employ it during early days of debut. Take NCT 127 for example. Their stylist received much hate during their initial days but it helped the group become more well-known. For girl groups in South Korea, public recognition is more lucrative and important than a strong fandom, hence, their CEO’s decision to turn a blind eye to the fans’ wishes for now. Black Eyed Pilseung is one smart cookie!

Catch the interview below.