STAYC’s Yoon Finally Emerges Without Bangs And Netizens Are Obsessed

Her visuals are insanely beautiful!

STAYC‘s Yoon has rocked a variety of funky hairstyles since debut, and all of them have included her signature blunt bangs!

However, her most recent look ditched the fringe for a beret, revealing more of her stunning facial features.

From her fierce gaze to her charismatic aura, many netizens referred to Yoon’s gorgeous look as “handsome!”

With her full bangs, she gives off more of a Barbie doll look…

…but without her bangs, she shows off her cool side!

While it may be impossible to pick your favorite look…

…it’s safe to say that she suits any style she tries!

Check out her fancam below where she performs in the gorgeous new style.

Source: theqoo