STAYC’s Yoon Met BLACKPINK’s Lisa For The First Time, And Totally Failed At Being A “Cool” Fan

When Yoon met her idol, she tried to be professional, and totally FAILED!

STAYC‘s Yoon has been a fan of BLACKPINK‘s Lisa ever since her debut, and fans immediately pointed out how the two share tons of similar features; a full set of bangs, full lips, and a bright, lovely smile!

Yoon | @STAYC_official/Twitter

With how iconic Lisa is, it’s no surprise that she serves as an idol to her younger peers, and Yoon recently revealed what it was like for her to finally meet her role model!

Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

STAYC recently shot a pictorial with Esquire Korea, and also sat down for an interview for their Youtube channel, where they looked up their names and information about themselves online!

When it was her turn, Yoon confirmed that Lisa is still her role model, and shared how she failed miserably at being a “cool” fan when meeting her at Inkigayo for the first time!

My role model is Lisa from BLACKPINK. I actually met her recently while I was MC-ing on Inkigayo. I was so happy but since I’m a pro now, I tried not to seem too excited. But when I said ‘Hello’, it all failed!


Honestly? Who wouldn’t get excited over finally getting to meet Lisa?! Hopefully, both Yoon and Lisa will bless us with a photo together one day!

You can watch her talk about it here!

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