STAYC Yoon’s Comment About Military Performances Sparks A Discussion Amongst Netizens

It all began with a simple, “don’t worry.”

Rookie girl group STAYC‘s member Yoon has been making headlines for one small comment she made during a live session with her fans.

STAYC’s Yoon | High Up Entertainment

Just a day ago, STAYC members Yoon and J sat down to chat with their fans on V Live. During their live broadcast, one particular fan brought up the topic of military performances, and how they wished for the girl group to come perform at the military bases.

| V Live

I’m a soldier and I watch the video for ‘ASAP’ at least three times a day. I love you~~~ Please come perform for us.

— Fan comment on STAYC’s V Live

To his request, J responded that she “really wants to go perform.” Yoon chimed in by stating that “if it weren’t for COVID-19, we probably would have been able to go.” After the two members’ comments, the V Live chat became filled with negative responses from other fans who believed it was inappropriate for the young girl group members to go to the military bases. Comments, such as “why would these babies go perform at the military” and “don’t do it” began to flood the chatroom.

STAYC’s J (left), Yoon (right) | V Live

It was Yoon’s response to these comments, however, that stirred the pot. Yoon responded by sharing,

Oh not the military performances. We mean just normal performances. Don’t worry.

— STAYC’s Yoon

While this may have been considered a “normal” response in other situations, this particular instance regarding military performances garnered heavy attention. Many netizens wondered if Yoon’s “don’t worry” comment was necessary, as they believed it seemed like she was making a degrading comment towards those who perform at military bases.

| WikiTree
  • “Don’t worry? What do you think a military performance is.”
  • “Well, then what about Brave Girls, who exploded in popularity because of their military performances. It’s not like it’s a weird place, why would she say ‘don’t worry.'”
  • “What about Brave Girls.”
  • “What do females think military performances are? Brave Girls went viral because of them, but it looks like they (STAYC) won’t have any opportunities.”
  • “Do you think she said that because their fans can’t attend military performances?”
STAYC | Yonhap News

As the malicious comments continued, other netizens stepped forward to counter the backlash Yoon has been receiving. They supported the STAYC member by commenting, “don’t you think you guys are overreacting” and “if you listen to her statement fully, you can tell she was expressing her disappointment since they can’t perform with COVID-19” and “she read the soldier’s comment herself and she talked about her father being a military officer. It makes no sense that she would talk about it (military performances) in a demeaning manner.”


As Yoon continues to make headlines, STAYC’s label High Up Entertainment has not yet addressed the ongoing situation.