STAYs Emotional After Stray Kids’ Bang Chan’s Message To Fans

He had to let their fans know!

Stray Kids just kicked off their world tour, MANIAC, and it’s already off to an incredible start.

Stray Kids backstage at their “MANIAC” tour | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

It has been a little over two years since Stray Kids has been able to hold an in-person concert. It’s easy to tell they are putting their all into giving STAYs the best show!

STAYs have been enjoying the content they’re receiving from the first three shows of the tour. From the members unveiling new hair colors…

To beloved 3RACHA interactions…

With a lot of revealed abs in between.

Stray Kids’ Han Casually Flashed His Abs And Caused Chaos

Their well-prepared show is filled with high-energy choreography, hit songs, and moments to bond with fans.

Aside from all of the fun had, there were also touching moments shared. Stray Kids’ leader Bang Chan stole hearts when he proclaimed an emotional promise to STAYs and his fellow members.

Fans quickly reacted to let the group know they had their backs too. Fans also shared that to them, Stray Kids is a safe place.

After their District 9: Unlock tour was unfortunately cut short by COVID-19 regulations in 2020, I’m sure Stray Kids are excited to be able to meet their fans around the world again.

The MANIAC tour is only beginning, Stray Kids is set to perform in Japan next before heading to the U.S.

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