#StayStrongRosé Trends Worldwide As Fans Discover Her Poor Treatment Compared To The Other BLACKPINK Members

Even her Dad got involved.

#StayStrongRosé has been trending worldwide for the past several hours as fans have discovered several Instagram posts that Rosé and even her dad liked on Instagram showcasing the poor treatment she receives compared to her group members.

It was first noticed when Rosé liked a post saying that everything happens for a reason, lies are believed so you only can trust yourself, and that good things may just not materialize, but even better things may happen in the future.

A Rosé fan also posted on her Instagram account a list showing all of the solo activities each BLACKPINK member had received in 2019 so far, and Rosé’s list was notably empty.

To make matters worse, Rosé’s father, Mason Park liked the post, showing he knows that his daughter is not receiving the same treatment as the other members of the group.

BLINK’s are showing their support for Rosé, and hoping that she YG Entertainment can allow her to have her own activities