Former Stellar’s Gayoung Reveals The Dirty Truth Behind This Particular Teaser Photo

What goes on behind-the-scenes in K-Pop isn’t pretty.

Stellar‘s Gayoung recently appeared on Miss Back, a show aimed at giving the spotlight to idols that have not been active or popular for quite some time. Not only did she discuss how badly the sexy concepts they were forced into traumatized her for life, Gayoung also shared a heart-breaking story about how these teaser images came to fruition.

She and the other members had shown up to the photoshoot and were given dresses with extremely high slits up the sides, as well as skimpy swimsuit bottoms. The swimsuit bottoms were only held together by a string along the sides.

According to Gayoung, the members had strongly protested against the wearing of the outfits as they were too racy. Their CEO however, insisted on it.

In the end, their CEO had agreed to let them try out the outfits first and take a few test shots. If the members still felt they were too racy, the CEO promised to let them use different clothings for the shoot.

The members then agreed and took exactly 5 photos in the provocative look. Gayoung shared that they had tried it on under the mindset that they needed to show the staff and CEO just exactly how extreme it would look.

Ultimately, the CEO had agreed to the members’ opinions. What gave Stellar a shock was that the photos were then released as teasers without alerting or discussing the issue with them. The confession led to shock on Miss Back, with Baek Ji Young and Song Eun Yi even cursing out the CEO.

While Gayoung managed to escape from the agency right after her contract period ended in 7 years, memories of her time as a sexy idol still haunt her badly. Thankfully, she is now leading a happy life running her own cafe while attending college.

Watch her confession below.

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