Step Aside 3rd Generation Girl Group Visuals, The OG SM Entertainment Visual Is Here

Is she stunning or what?!

Former S.E.S. member Eugene recently uploaded a series of selfies on her Instagram page and fans are going nuts over her beauty!


Actress Eugene is showing everyone what true natural beauty is with her amazing selfies. On January 2nd, the Penthouse actress shared a series of photos on her personal Instagram page and everyone can’t help but obsess with what their eyes were seeing!

| @eugene810303/Instagram

In her selfies, she is wearing a plain white top and minimal make-up but that’s all Eugene needs because somehow, her beauty still radiates. Her gorgeous reddish-brown hair is also a nice addition to her insane visuals. With these photos, the former S.E.S. member proved to all third generation K-Pop fans that she is the original visual of SM Entertainment.

| @eugene810303/Instagram

Debuting in SM Entertainment’s first ever girl group, Eugene was only 16 when she debuted with S.E.S. Her looks were always the talk of the town back then and two decades later, she is still creating a buzz with her visuals. I mean seriously, look at her! Did we mention she is 39? Yup, the beautiful actress will be turning 40 this year but she still manages to look like she’s in her twenties. Teach us your ways Eugene!

| @eugene810303/Instagram

The actress has been making headlines not only for her youthful and beautiful visuals, but also for her impressive acting skills in the hit SBS drama, Penthouse. Eugene, who plays Oh Yoon Hee in the drama has been absolutely killing it with her role. Penthouse has been smashing records in South Korea, raking in high viewer ratings for every episode.

| @eugene810303/Instagram

If you want to be updated on Eugene’s life, you can follow her Instagram page down below!

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