What Is The “I Stepped On Poop” Song — The New Trending Dance Challenge That Idols Are Doing

What is this new dance challenge?

If you’ve been on social media for the past few weeks, you would have noted that an animated song and dance clip has been going around. The title directly translates to “I stepped on poop”, but there’s a whole other reason the song is trending!

Not only is the melody infectious, but the video also features a series of dance moves commonly found in K-Pop choreography. Did you spy a few signature moves from famous songs?

For example, here’s a move from Super Junior‘s “Sorry Sorry”…

…while this one can be seen in Red Velvet‘s “Psycho”.

The lyrics also poke fun at clichéd lines such as “the gorgeous sun embraces me,” in contrast with the main chorus that simply repeats “I stepped on poop.” Check out the original version below.

Idols have taken to recreate the song and dance, with ASTRO going one step further, perfectly mimicking the outfits and locations in the original. Rocky and JinJin sure are rocking it.

NCT‘s Mark and Johnny somehow made the dance moves look hip and cool.

Even TXT‘s Huening Kai and Taehyun participated in the challenge.

The song and video was created by the comedy channel, PotenDogs on YouTube but has since become a national trend. Try out the dance for yourself!