Steve Aoki Drops “The Truth Untold” Remix At Tomorrowland

It’s finally here!!!

“The Truth Untold” is Steve Aoki‘s second collaboration with BTS after the hugely successful “MIC Drop”. While “MIC Drop” took eleventh place on ARMYs ranking of all 97 BTS songs, “The Truth Untold” proved to be even more popular taking third place!


So when Steve Aoki made a surprise announcement that he was currently working on a remix of the “Truth Untold”, everyone knew it was going to ridiculously awesome.


ARMYs were super hyped about the tweet and couldn’t wait to hear the song!


Then, less than a week after announcing that a remix was in progress, Steve dropped another bombshell on ARMYs. Not only was the remix going to be released in July but he was asking ARMYs for advice on when to drop it.


He was soon flooded with suggestions with many fans asking that he wait until the end of the month and expose it to the huge crowds at Tomorrowland.


ARMYs waited to hear any kind of news about the release until they were finally given a date! On July 14, Steve announced that he would be dropping the remix at on the 20th at Tomorrowland!


And now it has been released!


Not only did Steve Aoki play “The Truth Untold”, he also threw in a bit of “MIC DROP” too.


ARMY’s loved his remix so much, they trended it worldwide, and made sure to thank Steve Aoki for everything he’s done for BTS.