Still Missing Han Ji Pyeong? Kim Seon Ho Is Back In A Drama With A Special Appearance In JTBC’s “Run On”

Still Missing Han Ji Pyeong? See him again.

Kim Seon Ho will be returning to the drama screens with a special appearance in JTBC‘s drama Run On.

According to an exclusive report from Sports World, Kim Seon Ho has completed filming his special appearance in Run On as a movie director. Kim Seon Ho actually has a special relationship with Run On‘s PD Lee Jae Hoon, as he was also the PD for Kim Seon Ho’s debut drama Good Manager, meaning they will reunite after 4 years.

Kim Seon Ho in Good Manager | KBS

Run On is a romance drama where people in their own industries have to communicate in their own language colors, due to varying occupations. Expectations are rising for the visual combination of Shin Se Kyung and Kim Seon Ho, as they are expected to interact due to Shin Se Kyung’s role as the translator for the movie.

Kim Seon Ho debuted as an actor in 2017 through the drama Good Manager and played supporting roles in 100 Days My Prince, Strongest Deliveryman, and Waikiki 2. He made his big break in the drama industry as Han Ji Pyeong in tvN‘s drama Start-Up. Currently, he is continuing his role as part of the cast of KBS2 variety show 2 Days & 1 Night, and also recently started a new musical, Frozen.

Source: Sports World