Stray Kids’ Trophy From The “2022 MAMA Awards” Caused A Funny Problem For Lee Know

I.N was enjoying it too much πŸ˜‚

On day two of the 2022 MAMA Awards, the members of Stray Kids were honored to take home the award for “The Most Popular Group.”

Stray Kids | @MnetMAMA/Twitter

Flexing their language skills, the group smoothly gave acceptance speeches thanking fans worldwide. It was during that moment fans noticed an awkward yet funny problem Lee Know faced because of their trophy.

Lee Know

As leader Bang Chan kicked off their acceptance speech, Lee Know attempted to pass their trophy to whoever wanted to hold it.

Nobody reached for it, so Lee Know pulled it back and held onto it. He didn’t let that stop him, though.

Lee Know tried again to pass it to someone, handing it in the leader’s direction. But Bang Chan was so focused on hitting all the main points for their speech that he didn’t seem to notice. By then, maknae (youngest member) I.N couldn’t hide his laughter at watching Lee Know’s back and forth with the trophy.

STAY laughed about it as well, loving how I.N tried to keep a straight face for so long while “trolling” Lee Know into holding it. The fact that Seungmin watched it all happen also caused laughter.

Making the moment a bit more humorous, Lee Know had the opposite problem in the past. He couldn’t get his hands on the trophy fast enough.

Stray Kids