Stray Kids Gain Attention For Their Reaction To Hearing LE SSERAFIM Spill Their Workout Routine

“For us, it would be kinda…”

Stray Kids and LE SSERAFIM recently provided fans with the crumbs they never knew they needed—in the form of Stray Kids’ iconic reaction to LE SSERAFIM’s workout routine.

Stray Kids | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

In the short time since their debut, LE SSERAFIM have made a name for themselves as one of the overall fittest groups in K-Pop (which is no mean feat). In fact, they’ve even been given the nickname of “ABS SSERAFIM”—a nickname that has certainly been well-earned.

Similarly, the members of Stray Kids have often gained attention for their flawless physiques. In fact, leader Bang Chan has gone viral on plenty of occasions for his impressive muscles—more so after spilling on his workout routine recently.

Stray Kids and LE SSERAFIM both made an appearance on the Japanese music show, TV Asahi’s Music Station, to promote their recent Japanese releases, THE SOUND and “FEARLESS.”

LE SSERAFIM at “TV Asahi’s Music Station” | @Mst_com/Twitter
Stray Kids at “TV Asahi’s Music Station” | @Mst_com/Twitter

Netizens were all too happy to see them together, as they made one unexpected, though very much welcome pairing.

On the show, Stray Kids brought up the subject of exercise regimens. Bang Chan had fans likening his to the training undergone by anime character Saitama in order to become the titular hero of One Punch Man.

The results, of course, speak for themselves.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

But when LE SSERAFIM revealed their own workout routine, fans couldn’t get enough of Stray Kids’ reactions.

According to LE SSERAFIM, they try to hit 100 counts of everything from jumping jacks to different abs exercises…in 2 sets.

When asked for his thoughts on LE SSERAFIM’s workout, Bang Chan hilariously commented that they are truly on a whole other level.

While both groups are evidently in perfect shape, Bang Chan and his members’ reactions to hearing LE SSERAFIM’s brutal routine is definitely understandable!

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