Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Is Driving Netizens Wild With His Unreal Body Proportions In Form-Fitting Police Fit

“The category is body and Bang Chan won.”

Stray Kids are making yet another iconic comeback with their album MAXIDENT, but perhaps unsurprisingly, STAYs can’t keep their eyes off Bang Chan.

Bang Chan | @realstraykids/Instagram

Bang Chan is mainly known for being one of the best leaders in K-Pop, as well as for giving some of the most thoughtful takes on everything ranging from learning languages to controversial topics.

| @Stray_Kids/Twitter

With his weekly live stream titled Chan’s Room, Bang Chan has become a fixture in STAYs’ lives, offering comfort and amusement where it’s needed. Yet, half the time STAYs can’t help getting distracted by his visuals, with Bang Chan often leaving fans shook by his unreal body proportions in particular.

That is definitely the case now that Stray Kids have made their comeback. The group is promoting with the title track “CASE 143,” which, as Bang Chan put it on Eric Nam‘s The Daebak Show, is like a “crime case.”

| DIVE Studios/YouTube 

One of the roles that the members play in the MV is that of the police officers investigating “the case.” Naturally, the whole group stunned in their police garb, but with his buff appearance Bang Chan has gained considerable attention.

| JYP Entertainment/YouTube 

In fact, much of the promotional material for “CASE 143” so far has had fans’ eyes on him, in large part thanks to the form-fitting “police uniform” that he’s been wearing. It hasn’t been long that fans have had “policeman Bang Chan,” but he’s already one for the history books!

Especially because the police fit perfectly shows off his muscular physique.

No matter what version of it he wears, the look is still easily a standout…

… joining a long line of iconic tight outfits he has worn.

“CASE 143” may be a total hit, but so is Bang Chan in his police uniform!

Stray Kids

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