Stray Kids Bang Chan’s Actions Towards Felix At SBS’s “2022 Gayo Daejeon” Showcases Their True Friendship

They were literally closer than ever.

Stray KidsBang Chan and Felix are known for being the two members of their group who grew up in Australia before returning to South Korea to start their careers as idols. Naturally, the two developed a close relationship due to their similar backstories.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan (left) and Felix (right) | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

The two are so close that their fans, nicknamed STAYs, began shipping them under the name “ChanLix.” The iconic pair had a new memorable moment added to their history at SBS‘s 2022 Gayo Daejeon. The group arrived looking handsome in simply styled black suits.

Still, during the South Korean winters, where temperatures can drop below zero degrees celsius, their outfits didn’t have enough protection from the cold.

That’s when Bang Chan gave Felix a hug to keep warm while being interviewed on the red carpet! Felix barely reacted to his hyung’s (the Korean word men use to refer to older men) touch, suggesting he might be used to it.

The two weren’t shy about showing affection for one another and their close friendship, although the practical reason behind the hug was also valid!

Fans will continue to look forward to more “ChanLix” moments in the future.

Stray Kids

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