Stray Kids’ Bang Chan And “Alice In Borderland” Actress Ayaka Miyoshi Both Discover They’re Fans Of Each Other

“A good person has good fans.”

When Netflix released the highly-anticipated second season of Alice in Borderland, a Japanese science fiction thriller drama, K-Pop fans remembered that actress Ayaka Miyoshi, who plays An in the series, is also a K-Pop fan.

Ayaka Miyoshi as An in an Alice in Borderland teaser | @miyoshi.aa/Instagram
Ayaka Miyoshi | @miyoshi.aa/Instagram

Specifically, Ayaka Miyoshi has continually supported the boy-group Stray Kids, first posting their Kingdom: Legendary War performance to her Instagram story and then even attending one of their recent MANIAC world tour concerts.

Stray Kids | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

In Stray Kids Bang Chan‘s recent episode of his weekly series Chan’s Room, the idol expressed his gratitude for the actress’s support of the group. Bang Chan also seems to be a fan of Ayaka Miyoshi, explaining to viewers that it “was a pretty cool experience” to find out that an actress in a drama he was watching was a fan of his group.

And even though he knew that the actress was a fan, Bang Chan stil seemed shocked when he discovered she had attended one of their concerts.

Unsurprisingly, since she’s a fan, it didn’t take long before Ayaka Miyoshi responded to Bang Chan’s comments, posting to her Instagram story. Not only did she thank Stray Kids’ fans for being so supportive, but she feels inspired by Stray Kids’ incredible relationship with their fans, wanting “the same relationship with [her] fans.” And, of course, she promised to watch the next Chan’s Room.

Ayaka Miyoshi’s Instagram story | @miyoshi.aa/Instagram

His fans notified me about something that I’m greatly honored by
Thank you to all the thoughtful fansㅠㅠㅠ
A good person has good fans
I also want to have the same relationship with my fans
I’m gunna go to the next live too~~!!!

— @miyoshi.aa/Instagram

Fans understandably couldn’t get over the interaction between the two celebrities.

Hopefully fans will be able to see more interactions between Ayaka Miyoshi and Stray Kids in the future.

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“Alice In Borderland” Actress Ayaka Miyoshi Is A Huge Fan Of A K-Pop Boy Group

Stray Kids

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