This Is What Stray Kids Bang Chan Thinks of BTS Jimin’s “Promise”

He told of his first impression.

Recently, Stray Kids Bang Chan met his fans through a V Live broadcast, where he spent time listening to various songs that the fans suggested and having discussions. One of the songs a viewer suggested was BTS Jimin‘s new solo song “Promise”.

BTS Jimin Wrote His Own Song, Fans Are Impressed

Bang Chan told the viewers that it was his first time listening to the song and gave his first impressions.

It’s actually my first time hearing this song. For me, who’s hearing it for the first time, the song sounds so sweet and tranquil and smooth.

– Bang Chan

He also talked about how he really enjoyed listening to Jimin’s voice, the sub-vocals and the adlibs.

Jimin sunbaenim’s voice fits so perfectly with this song.

I really like the song. I can’t list all the reasons… But I just really like it.

– Bang Chan

Fans are not the only ones that love Jimin’s new song!

Source: Polinews