Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Edits His Instagram Captions, And STAYs Are Upset Why

He changed all his Instagram captions.

At the start of the month, many Stray Kids members created individual Instagram accounts.

Stray Kids’ Instagram accounts | Instagram

Leader Bang Chan chose the handle @gnabnahc. His first post included photos of himself, captioned, “All smiles and positive energy #STAY #0802.”

It has since been edited, though. Now, it reads, “0802 #STAY.” This is not the only post he edited, either.

While Bang Chan had only uploaded three posts so far, he had already established a style exclusive to him. He would post photos of himself with a positive caption along with the date and #STAY, which STAYs appreciated.

Yet, Bang Chan posted via bubble for JYPNation that he considered simplifying his Instagram captions. He believed they were too cringy.

After, he updated all his Instagram captions. So, now, they only included the date and #STAY.

STAYs were disappointed that Bang Chan felt the need to edit his Instagram captions. They are concerned that others have criticized him so much that he became self-conscious about it.

Whatever the reason, we hope Bang Chan genuinely did it for himself and not out of concern for what others think about him.

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