Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Confesses That He’s “Still Looking” For His Own Self Identity

He shares how his members help him out in moments of self doubt.

Stray Kids‘s Bang Chan may only be 23-years-old (international age), but he has taken over the world with his multi-talented ways, as he tackles the different roles he holds within his group. The leader of Stray Kids is not only a vocalist, but he also writes, produces, and composes a majority of the group’s songs.

And even though Bang Chan’s talent has been showcased time and time again, the Australian-raised member took the time to talk about the different ways he believes he needs to “improve” with GQ Australia.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan | JYP Entertainment

The boy group dominated with their recent comeback “Thunderous” as their album NOEASY took over the music charts not only in South Korea, but worldwide as well. When GQ Australia asked him about the group’s music preferences, he shared that “there’s no answer to music.”

There’s no answer to music. It’s all about preference. We’re unique and experimental, that could be a reason why opinions are so polarizing, but as long as we like it, and if there are people out who like it the way as we like it, then it’s a win-win situation.

— Stray Kids’ Bang Chan for “GQ Australia”

And while the group has gone on to truly settle down with their identity within the K-Pop industry, Bang Chan revealed that he was “still looking” for his own.

We found out what Stray Kids is. We’ve really settled in our musical identity but, for myself, I’m still looking.

— Stray Kids’ Bang Chan for “GQ Australia”

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It was here that the leader of the group revealed his personal struggles, as he shared his beliefs that he “still [has] a lot of improving that needs to be done” due to his lack of love for himself.

Maybe it’s because I’m expecting myself to be better so I’m pushing myself harder. Another reason could be, well, I don’t think I actually, really love myself. It’s not like I hate myself but because I’m still trying to search for the real person that I am, I’m still awkward.

— Stray Kids’ Bang Chan for “GQ Australia”

Bang Chan relayed his gratitude to his members, however, for being the support system he needs when he is unable to see the good in himself.

It’s funny, because I’ve never thought of helping myself out. That’s done by the members right now, they acknowledge the stuff that I do and compliment me because I don’t compliment myself. That’s something I’m really thankful for.

— Stray Kids’ Bang Chan for “GQ Australia”

Stray Kids | JYP Entertainment

When the Stray Kids member was asked about his future, he honestly revealed he doesn’t know what’s going to happen.” However, he did share an adorable dream about his future — and it included the rest of his group mates.

It was kind of a funny dream… of townhouses, like a little village, but we had eight houses, and each of us were living there in our own house and just having a really, really great time.

— Stray Kids’ Bang Chan for “GQ Australia”

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Source: GQ Australia

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