Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Has Everyone Swerving Into His Lane… For Putting On A Necklace

It’s not the choker we’re looking at…

There are many things to love about Stray Kids‘ leader Bang Chan. He’s incredibly talented, a fantastic performer, kind-hearted, funny, humble… And, of course, he has gorgeous visuals!

Bang Chan (Stray Kids)

It’s been clear for a while that Bang Chan rarely goes a day without spending time in the gym, and his bulk-up since he debuted five years ago is nothing short of impressive.

Even though fans are somewhat used to his amazing physique by now, though, new pictures and videos that showcase just how buff he is never go unappreciated!

Recently, a clip from a fansign where Bang Chan is putting on a choker gifted by a fan has been making the rounds on Twitter, and it’s easy to see why.

The contrast of the delicate, lacy white necklace compared to the Stray Kids member’s bare, flexing arms is drastic, and it’s hard to keep your eyes off of his ridiculously defined bicep!

Unsurprisingly, netizen reactions to the video are as dramatic as they are relatable.

Fans just can’t get enough of Bang Chan’s muscles, and neither can we!

Thank you for the eye candy, Bang Chan!!

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