Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Can’t Help Gushing About BTS Jimin’s Shout Out To Felix

“It’s so cool!” *slaps hand on mouth*

Recently, BTS‘s Jimin appeared in a fun YouTube video for the channel PIXID, where he had to go undercover and blend in with regular K-Pop fans in a group chat. At the end of the game, Jimin sent a hilarious message to Stray Kids’ Felix, and it looks like his co-member Bang Chan feels a little envious about it.

Frm the get-go of the game, Jimin was already failing to pretend to be a K-Pop fan from the provinces. So, he tried to deflect attention to a user called “Province Void” and asked her to prove that she really was a fangirl. This led to her professing her love for Felix. Though the girl mentioned Felix by his real name, Yongbok, Jimin immediately recognized who she was talking about and did the hook step of Stray Kids’ song “Maniac.”

At the end of the video, when Jimin revealed himself to all the fans, Province Void freaked out and confessed that she was a fan of BTS before becoming a fan of Stray Kids. Jimin then jokingly sent a message to Felix, saying, “Yongbok-nim, I’m not taking her from you… She left home, so I’m just taking her back for a bit. Please be understanding.”

While fans of both groups are left shook by this unexpected interaction, Felix’s groupmate, Bang Chan, is probably the most excited. During a recent livestream, the Stray Kids leader couldn’t help gushing about the incident!

Bang Chan and Felix | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Bang Chan said he was “amazed” that Jimin danced to “Maniac” and knew about his group. He was visibly giddy about Jimin mentioning Felix’s name and cutely confessed that he, too, wants to be acknowledged like that.

Bang Chan also mentioned Province Void, the STAY sitting beside Jimin, and said he would support whatever she decides, implying her returning to being a BTS fan. He then promised to play Jimin’s album Face during the next “Chan’s Room,” the special livestream series where he listens to different artists with fans.

While Bang Chan was busy gushing, a fan commented that BTS members have probably known about Stray Kids for a long time. To this, he replied that it’s true since he is friends with Jungkook, but the feeling of getting recognized by them like this still feels like an honor!

Fans are praising Bang Chan for his adorable honesty and the respect he consistently shows to BTS as his seniors. Here’s hoping for more wholesome interactions between the two groups in the future!