Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Hasn’t Shown His Abs In A While… For A Gross Reason

Poor Bang Chan😱

One thing that fans grew to anticipate from Stray KidsBang Chan during the group’s recent MANIC WORLD TOUR was his frequent shirt-lifting that happened throughout each show.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

During the group’s recent encore concerts in LA, Bang Chan noticeably didn’t show his abs during the show leading fans to wonder why.

Fans got their answer during one of his frequent live streams, and it was shocking. Bang Chan explained that he didn’t do his typical shirt lifting during the show because he was hiding bed bug bites received while staying at their hotel!

So remember last time how I talked about why I couldn’t show my-my abdomen because of something? Um, yeah. I guess I can say cause it’s all gone now, well, it’s not all gone but it’s almost gone. […] When I was in America, (laughs) I didn’t know but I had all these spots on my body. Like my arms, my legs, my stomach, my chest, my back, my neck…I was like ‘what is going on?’ […] But then I realized that they were bed bug bites.

— Bang Chan

Bed bugs are small insects that feed on blood, usually at night. These bugs can often be found in places like mattresses and bedding, making hotels the perfect place for them to infest.

Their bites can cause skin irritation, similar to mosquito bites, and can cause swelling. This irritation, Bang Chan explained, is why he didn’t show his abs, saying he didn’t want fans to think anything was wrong with him.

I don’t want STAYs to misunderstand if I’m going through something bad or something was making me sick so I was covering up. So that’s why I couldn’t do the usual acts and whatever. So here I am finally telling you guys what happened.

—Bang Chan

Bang Chan seems to have had a pretty calm reaction to the discovery, saying he killed a bug he found and called the hotel to let them know that he found a bed bug.

Bang Chan ended talking about the experience in the most Bang Chan way possible — saying that it was fun.

Eagle-eyed fans connected the dots, recalling a photo from the group’s recent performance at Music Bank in Paris that showed what appears to be bed bug bites along Bang Chan’s arm and side.

It is worth noting that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that finding bed bugs does not reflect the cleanliness of any accommodation, meaning they can even appear in high-class hotels. This means that Bang Chan was just unlucky enough to share the room with some unexpected guests!

STAYs, much like Bang Chan, have found humor in the situation.

Stray Kids

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