Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Confirms Who Actually Wrote The Lyrics For “Red Lights”

Fans knew the answer but now they have confirmation.

K-Pop fans are familiar with idols’ unique explanations to try and explain some of their song’s more suggestive lyrics.

NCT 127 fans, for instance, are probably familiar with the group entertainingly trying to explain the lyrics to their song “Highway to Heaven.”

It’s basically a song about you just relieving from your stresses and really taking the highway to heaven with us through our music.


But fans of Stray Kids are familiar with leader Bang Chan‘s different approach in frequently claiming that he was not involved in writing the lyrics for some of their more suggestive songs.

For instance, Bang Chan and Lee Know teamed up to release the song “Drive,” which isn’t exactly subtle about its innuendos.

When Bang Chan played the song in one of his weekly Chan’s Room broadcasts, he jokingly claimed that Lee Know was the only one who wrote the lyrics.

And, of course, fans found evidence to prove that both of them were involved.

Bang Chan later released a song with Hyunjin, “Red Lights,” which, if anything, was even more suggestive than “Drive.”

When the song came out, fans joked that Bang Chan would once again claim someone else had written the lyrics.

Which, ironically enough, is precisely what the idol playfully did.

Hyunjin responded to Bang Chan’s claims, immediately denying them.

Although Hyunjin later admitted that they both wrote them together.

Fans enjoyed watching the two try to blame the other, finding the whole situation amusing.

But in a recent interview with Billboard, Bang Chan opened up about some of the group’s biggest hit songs, explaining the creative process behind them and finally giving fans official confirmation.

Bang Chan | @jtbc_K909/Twitter

In the interview, Bang Chan brought up how “God’s Menu” was never actually intended to be a title track.

“God’s menu” is one of our most important songs and one of our most famous songs. It wasn’t originally “God’s Menu” that was supposed to come out [as a single], but we made the demo, and I remember Hyunjin’s reaction to it was like, ‘We should go with this one! Everyone listen to this!‘ So we went with it, and then, bang! It exploded.

— Bang Chan

And Bang Chan also discussed the creation process for “Red Lights,” explaining that it was his idea.

That one started off with me saying, ‘Hey, Hyunjin, you want to try something together? Let’s finally do something together!

— Bang Chan

The two of them then worked together to complete the track.

And I made a track, and luckily, Hyunjin really liked it, and then he full-on made a whole demo.

— Bang Chan

Before they collaborated on the lyrics, proving their incredible skill by finishing “in [just] a few hours.”

From there we fixed parts, wrote the lyrics together. It was just really seamless. We finished it in a few hours.

— Bang Chan

Thanks to the interview, fans now have Bang Chan’s confirmation of the official lyricists for “Red Lights.”

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Source: Billboard

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