Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Sends Heartwarming Invite To Jake And Praises ENHYPEN

Fans have been wanting this for the Aussie idols.

On the live broadcast of Chan’s Room, viewers recommended an ENHYPEN song to Stray KidsBang Chan. He was more than ready to praise his juniors and deliver a friendly invitation to Jake.

Bang Chan

Fans recommended Bang Chan to play ENHYPEN’s song “Blockbuster” featuring TXT‘s Yeonjun during the live broadcast. After listening to it, Bang Chan not only praised it as a “very, very good song” but shared how all the group’s music was enjoyable.

Yeah, I think it’s great. I actually really like it. It’s like a song that I am into.

Thank you for the recommendation. ENHYPEN has a lot of good songs.

— Bang Chan

Warming fans’ hearts, Bang Chan then added a sweet invitation for Jake as a fellow Australian idol.


Noting they were both raised in the same country, Bang Chan invited Jake to hang out and become the “Australian bros” that fans have been looking forward to.

They have an Australian mate, don’t they?

If ever we get time, I’d love to meet up and get close. Nice! Australian bros!

— Bang Chan

Between Bang Chan and Jake’s warm personalities and how friendly they are, they’re bound to be the best of friends.

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