Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Was Invited To Review An Advanced Screening Of Ryan Reynolds’ “Free Guy”

Bang Chan might be the most successful fanboy of all time!

Ever since Stray Kids dominated the stage with their Deadpool themed performance on Kingdom: Legendary War, an iconic friendship was formed between Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds and Bang Chan! Despite living thousands of miles apart, the two have kept their bromance alive through friendly Twitter interactions and by sending each other autographed gifts.

Ryan Reynolds with an autographed present later received by Bang Chan | @VancityReynolds and @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Recently, Bang Chan was given the ultimate fan experience when he was personally invited to an advanced screening of Ryan Reynolds’ new movie in South Korea.

Not only did Bang Chan get to watch Free Guy weeks before its official release, but he also appeared in a promotional video for 20th Century Studios where he was able to share his thoughts about the film!

I thought the character that Ryan Reynolds plays is very unique. And I love the way he acts, so I had a lot of fun watching!

— Bang Chan

According to Bang Chan, Free Guy isn’t just a “good” movie, but the “best” movie, so it’s safe to say that this film should definitely be added to everyone’s watch list!

STAYs absolutely love how Bang Chan has practically been ‘adopted’ by Ryan Reynolds and are happy to see him live out his fanboy dreams.

You can watch the entire interview here:

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