Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Is Making Fans Envious Over His Beautiful Eyelashes

We wish we had eyelashes like his!

Yesterday, the members of Stray Kids were seen embarking on a trip to Japan for the 2022 Asia Artist Awards. Happening on December 13, the K-Pop boy group is one of many on the list of artists set to perform for the event.

Of course, K-Pop idols traveling is always an opportunity for fans to get a peek at their visuals and fashion choices outside of official events, and this time was no different for the members of Stray Kids.

Though they were wearing masks, there were still plenty of photos taken of the idols as they traveled through the Incheon airport.

One of the members who fans were able to get a little closer of a look at was leader Bang Chan. Dressed in a cozy beanie, he looked adorably warm and comfortable in his outfit of choice.

One photographer even managed to get a closer look at the idol, and the photos taken showed just how long and gorgeous Bang Chan’s eyelashes are!

The Stray Kids’ leader’s bare face — at least what can be seen of it — looked flawless and healthy, and fans can’t get enough of his adorable visuals.

STAYs are swooning over his eyelashes on Twitter, where the post sharing the close-up photos has been making the rounds.

The comments and quote retweets for the post show just how in love with Bang Chan’s natural visuals fans are!

We wish Bang Chan and the rest of Stray Kids a safe and comfortable journey to and from Japan for the 2022 Asia Artist Awards!

Stray Kids

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