Stray Kids’ Bang Chan And His Members Had The Most Dramatic Reaction To Lee Know’s Archery Score At 2022 ISAC

They were in hilarious disbelief.

Stray KidsBang Chan had fans cracking up with his dramatic reaction to Lee Know‘s archery score at the 2022 Idol Star Athletic Championship (ISAC), though he wasn’t alone in his feelings about Lee Know’s results.

Bang Chan | @tinychannie1003/Twitter

The JYP Entertainment groups had everyone’s attention at this year’s ISAC with their chaotic family interactions. Bang Chan in particular not only went viral for his sibling rivalry with ITZY‘s Ryujin

But also for the hilarious way in which he approached his bestie NMIXX‘s Lily.

Yet, STAYs also couldn’t get enough of his hilariously dramatic reaction to Lee Know’s score in archery. Firstly, fans agreed that archer Lee Know is, of course, a major favorite.

In fact, Bang Chan and his members were quite proud of him in the first round of the competition, as he started off by scoring an impressive 10 points. Things took a turn, however, when Lee Know’s next shot scored only 2 points…leading Bang Chan to shout loudly in disappointment.

Stray Kids and Lee Know

STAYs found it hilarious, especially compared to his reaction to the first round.

Yet, Bang Chan wasn’t the only one who got dramatic about Lee Know’s unlucky shot. Hyunjin hilariously facepalmed himself and walked off…

…while Seungmin was left comically frozen in shock.

At the end of the day, however, the members are all nothing but supportive of each other! That is, when they’re not being mischievous siblings…

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