Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Gains Praise For His Reaction When Asked To Stop Speaking In Korean


Stray KidsBang Chan is an idol who has received praise from across fandoms for his thoughtful takes on different subjects, especially the more controversial ones.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan | @realstraykids/Instagram

Whether it’s about idols’ manners or toxic body standards, Bang Chan has always made STAYs proud with his open-mindedness and kind approach to everything.

In his most recent weekly live stream, Chan’s Room, Bang Chan came online to interact with and entertain fans. He was his usual cute self…

…and a whole mood besides.

He spilled on his excitement about Stray Kids headlining Lollapalooza Paris 2023, an excitement that STAYs very much share.

And while he was at it, he also tried to share his TMI for the day…and hilariously had a mini breakdown over it.

But the moment that got particular attention from fans was when a comment asked him to “speak in English, please.” Bang Chan did not get defensive, but he did politely point out that, while he was speaking English at that moment, he is really allowed to speak in whatever language he wants.

When another comment asked him to “Stop speaking in Korean,” Bang Chan simply answered that watching his live stream was optional.

Seeing as Bang Chan is a Korean who works as a K-Pop idol, his reaction suggests, in the best way, that it shouldn’t be surprising to find him speaking Korean. And fans immediately praised him for it!

Some STAYs joked that this has pushed social progress…

…while others noted that over the past few months, Bang Chan seems to have entered his realest era yet—something everyone is absolutely here for.

Bang Chan has repeatedly proven that he is an icon not only in talent, but in personality too!

Stray Kids

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