Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Couldn’t Stop Praising His Members During A Recent Live Stream


There is no denying that Stray Kids‘ Bang Chan is a phenomenal leader who is always there to lead his members and help them during performances. Yet, Bang Chan is also extremely supportive and loves praising his members whenever possible.

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During his recent Chan’s Room broadcast, Bang Chan once again didn’t miss an opportunity to brag about his members and praise them in different ways.

In the first part of the stream, Bang Chan watched the latest SKZ-PLAYER featuring himself, Changbin, Felix, and Seungmin. While watching the video, there was a part that Bang Chan just had to stop the video. After pausing it, Bang Chan pointed out, “Felix’s freckles are beautiful,” before carrying on the video.

Bang Chan isn’t the only one who loves Felix’s freckles. After revealing that he is insecure about them, STAY rushed to compliment Felix on them.

It wasn’t the only time during the broadcast that Bang Chan couldn’t stop being a proud leader. Bang Chan also had endless praise for Lee Know. Bang Chan explained how he always feels calm when Lee Know is recording because he can take direction and executes his parts perfectly!

Once again, Bang Chan proved why he is one of the best leaders in K-Pop. As well as being able to produce music and lead his group, he also sees their strengths and achievements and isn’t afraid to share them with the world!

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