Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Reveals Why It Took So Long For The Group To Release A Love Song As An Album Title Track

They put a lot of consideration into their newest concept.

Stray Kids‘ newest album Maxident has been massively successful and has given fans the chance to experience new things from the group including a love song as a title track!

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The album’s title track, “Case 143” is a high-energy love song, and fans have been loving the new direction Stray Kids have gone with their music. The album’s packaging even shows off the group’s new’s concept, showing their commitment to trying out new things.

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Over the years, Stray Kids’ title tracks have had several concepts that tackle topics like breaking perceptions and being yourself, but never a love theme. In a recent interview, the group were able to talk about the things they felt were different about this comeback and, specifically, the title track being a love song!

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Bang Chan revealed that the group previously discussed releasing a love song but never felt like the time was right for them.

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The concept of love being inside our title track, we’ve thought about the concept since a long time ago, but for some reason we always had this feeling where it was like, maybe it’s not yet. Maybe, maybe, we’ll wait a little longer for the concept to come out.

— Bang Chan

It seems like with this new album, the group finally found the right time to sing about love.

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We felt like right now would be a great time to show a new side of Stray Kids. So, um, yeah, I think that’s why we want to show a song about love in the style of Stray Kids.

— Bang Chan


Bang Chan also discussed how the group were able to put their own “Stray Kids spin” on the concept of love.

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Because it is our first time showing this concept with our title track, we wanted to give it something a little different. Something I guess that would put us out in our own road to, you know, show everyone else. I guess we tried this and that. The whole concept of love as well, we tried using different expressions. […] It came out to be as it is right now!

— Bang Chan

While it is a new concept for the group, Stray Kids were able to tackle love in their own special way and hopefully will visit the concept again in future comebacks!

Check out the full interview below:

Stray Kids

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