Stray Kids’ Bang Chan And Seungmin Go Viral Just For Holding Hands

Such a wholesome moment!

Stray Kids departed from Incheon International Airport to China on February 2, 2024. They will hold an offline fan sign event by KMSTATION in Shanghai tomorrow.

Bang Chan and Seungmin are garnering attention for a wholesome moment spotted by fans. The Stray Kids leader kept close to Seungmin as they walked through the airport.

Seungmin (left) and Bang Chan (right) | @Laylaroses1003/X

Initially, Bang Chan had a hand on Seungmin’s shoulder. However, the leader removed his hand…


…to hold Seungmin’s hand. A STAY captured the moment in which Bang Chan reached out and held Seungmin’s thumb.


The original post went viral with 155.1K views at the time of writing. STAYs have reposted the cute interaction between the Stray Kids members.

Physical contact between two grown men can be seen as taboo by some people. Yet, for Bang Chan, it comes naturally. He’s always so loving and affectionate with the members.

And it’s not just his members. Previously, Bang Chan went viral for being affectionate with his bodyguard. Read more below.

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