Stray Kids Bang Chan’s Sister Hannah Accuses Him Of “Gaslighting” His Fans But It’s Not What You Think

It was for a hilarious and unexpected reason.

Being the sibling of an international celebrity can be challenging and mentally straining, which is why many K-Pop idols rarely show the faces of their family members. Generally speaking, fans also do their best to respect their privacy, and the companies of singers do their best to blur out the faces of family members when they appear in any of their content.

Stray Kids’ Felix reuniting with his sister | Stray Kids/YouTube

There are, of course, exceptions to this rule. Some celebrity siblings thrive next to their famous relatives, like TWICE Jihyo‘s sister, who gained popularity as a model, and BTS J-Hope‘s sister, who signed with CUBE Entertainment as an influencer.

BTS J-Hope’s older sister, Jung Jiwoo | CUBE Entertainment

Another notorious brother-sister pairing is Stray KidsBang Chan and his younger sister, Hannah Bahng. The two have shown brief moments of their chaotic loveable dynamic on live streams, making STAYs, the official fandom of Stray Kids, fans of the entire Bahng family. Hannah has since publicly said that although she has no plans of becoming an idol, she wants to have a music career.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan (left) and his sister Hannah (right) | @realstraykids and @hannahhbahng/Instagram

The duo once again proved their close relationship in a live broadcast on Hannah’s Instagram, wherein she accused Bang Chan of gaslighting his fans into thinking he was the mean sibling between them!

Hannah tried to prove Bang Chan was nicer to her by saying he bought her the hoodie she was wearing on the live broadcast, but also said she took the time to gift him a shirt, showing how they’re both secretly kind and loving towards each other!

Not wanting to admit she was kind to her older brother, Hannah declared buying him a gift was a “Moment of weakness.”

STAYs continue to admire the healthy brother-sister relationship of the Bahng siblings and root for the entire family’s success!

Stray Kids

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