Stray Kids’ Bang Chan And His Sister Hannah Were The Most Relatable Siblings On A Recent Live Stream

Chaotic energy.

Stray KidsBang Chan is currently on holiday. He went back to Australia to see his beloved family and had a blast with them. He didn’t forget about STAYs of course! Bang Chan went on live stream on August 28, 2022. He interacted with fans for almost an hour straight.

Bang Chan holding Berry, the family dog. | V LIVE

While he was talking to fans, he kept calling out to his younger sister, Hannah. Hannah is well-known to fans and she has a huge social media presence with over a million followers on Instagram. Despite both siblings’ star status, they interacted just like normal siblings even though the camera was on. Bang Chan couldn’t help but annoy and tease his younger sister throughout the hour.

Bang Chan holding Berry, the family dog. | V LIVE

Hannah truly deserves some praise for her patience. Not once did she lose her temper! She sweetly answered all the questions that Bang Chan had about their dog Berry. Did you know that Berry’s name was inspired by their mom’s (then) English name, Cherry?

Of course, Bang Chan couldn’t resist getting a dig in. He griped with Hannah when he realized that Hannah had put on makeup to go out. The whining in the clip is so representative of every single sibling fight on earth!

Despite their moments, it’s clear how much the two mean to each other. Fans pointed out that as Hannah was getting ready for her own plans, she kept hanging around Bang Chan’s room and was always nearby in case he needed her. On the other hand, Bang Chan called out for Hannah whenever he needed anything. He even asked her to recommend something to eat to STAYs that were tuning in.

Enjoy ‘Straya and your family time, Bang Chan!

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