Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Spills On What It Was Like To MC “KCON 2022” With NCT DREAM’s Jeno And Jaemin

We need more of this friendship!

Stray KidsBang Chan was a special MC at KCON 2022 with NCT DREAM‘s Jeno and Jaemin, and he recently spilled on what it was really like to host with the two of them.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan
NCT DREAM’s Jaemin (left) and Jeno (right)

While they don’t get too many opportunities to interact together, the members of Stray Kids and NCT DREAM have proven they have a good friendship. Only this year, they participated in the event Venue101 together, where they were able to have fun and show their support for each other.

NCT DREAM’s Chenle and Stray Kids’ Felix in particular are good friends. In fact, Felix once even baked brownies for Chenle to share with his members! Though Chenle naturally ate them all by himself.

Given that fans don’t get to see the two groups interact together often, it was a great surprise when Bang Chan, Jeno and Jaemin were announced as MCs at KCON 2022.

Each of them easily charmed the audience—something that was perhaps made even easier by the fact that they were given roses to throw at fans.

But of course, they all had their own charming points too.

Basically, the three of them proved to be very successful MCs! Afterward, Bang Chan held his regular live stream, and naturally, the subject of his being a special MC with Jeno and Jaemin came up.

Being the wholesome king that he is, Bang Chan had nothing but good things to say about them! First, he explained that Jeno and Jaemin are dongsaengs (younger brothers) that he truly values and with whom he is very comfortable with.

He also went on to say that filming the VCR for the event had been a very fun process, as not only does Bang Chan feel comfortable with them, but he also found them to be thoughtful towards him during the shooting.

| Stray Kids/VLIVE 

We did film the VCRs. Luckily, Jaemin and Jeno were there. I’m very comfortable with them and they were I guess helping me out, so it was just really really fun.

— Bang Chan

While it’s understandably difficult for idols to interact together often due to their busy schedules, this hopefully will be far from the last time we get to see the members of Stray Kids and NCT DREAM show off their friendship!

Source: VLIVE