STAYs Clown Themselves After Simping Over Stray Kids’ Boyfriend Vibes In “Your Eyes” Music Video

Fans can’t help that the members are boyfriend AF.

Stray Kids are currently preparing to release their 2nd Japanese mini-album at the end of June. The title for the new album is CIRCUS, which is fitting because STAYs feel like clowns after the group’s latest release, and it’s easy to see why.

Stray Kids’ Lee Know, Changbin, Han, I.N, and Felix (top row, left to right) Hyunjin, Bang Chan, and Seungmin (bottom row) | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Ahead of the Japanese comeback, Stray Kids just dropped the music video for their new song “Your Eyes.” The video gives off major boyfriend vibes with its point-of-view style filming.

The video follows each member through various one-on-one interactions that show the softer sides of the group.

But some STAYs are jokingly calling the video “dangerous.” Even more dangerous than the mature concept the fans have attributed to Bang Chan and Hyunjin‘s duet “Red Lights,” a song that recently received an OT8 rendition.

The viewer has a sweet coffee date with Seungmin

…and pancakes with Felix.

…who at one point leans in quite close.

It was hard for some fans to concentrate on the actual music.

And as wholesome as the moment with I.N is…

And as lovely as drinks with Changbin are…

Some fans can’t help but point out that the filming for this music video must have been at least a bit awkward.

The members do boyfriend moments exceptionally well. Whether it’s Han playing video games…

…or Lee Know being a tease. The POVs seem somewhat accurate.

Fans couldn’t help but swerve for each member’s charms, even before the music video was released. The teasers were powerful enough.

The “Your Eyes” concept has STAYs a little worked up.

Considering music video is basically a fiction POV come to life.

Who needs a boyfriend when you have Stray Kids?

“Your Eyes” comment | Stray Kids Japan official YouTube

You can check out the full music video here.

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