Stray Kids May Have Spoiled Their OT8 Version Of “Red Lights” Weeks Ago

Should we have seen it coming?

Stray Kids just gave fans a brand new OT8 performance of “Red Lights” for their tour stops in Seoul, but they may have spoiled it weeks ago.

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin, Changbin, Felix, and Bang Chan (top row, left to right) Lee Know, Seungmin, Han, and I.N (bottom row) | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Stray Kids kicked off their Stray Kids 2nd World Tour “MANIAC”  tour with stops in Seoul, and gave fans brand new performances and emotional moments that they’ll remember forever. One stage fans can’t stop talking about is the “Red Lights” performance with all eight members.

Last year Bang Chan and Hyunjin released their unit track “Red Lights” which showed a sexy and mature side that is different from Stray Kids’ typical style of music.

Hyunjin and Bang Chan in “Red Lights” | Stray Kids/YouTube 

So STAYs were thrilled when some fans who were outside of the concert venue during Stray Kids’ soundcheck claimed to overhear what sounded like a full group version of the song.

While some fans were skeptical, it turned out to be true.

And it was everything fans could have hoped for.

But, Stray Kids may have been hinting at this for awhile…

In an interview with Consequence as part of their promotions for ODDINARY, the group was asked which music genre they wanted to try. While Bang Chan noted that they’re always open to try any genre… Han had another idea.

| Consequence/YouTube 

He said that he wanted to try something similar to “Red Lights,” since it would allow the group to show another side to them. While the group seemed surprised by Han’s desire to try this genre, it’s highly likely that the “Red Lights” performance was already in the works due to the time it takes to prepare a full length concert.

| Consequence/YouTube 

Han even suggested Bang Chan take off his shirt like he did in their “WOLFGANG” performance on Kingdom.

| Consequence/YouTube 

And while no one quite went to the level Bang Chan did in that performance during the concert…

“WOLFGANG” performance | Mnet K-POP

… there was plenty of ab exposure.

Other fans think they should have seen the “Red Lights” performance coming for another reason. During one of Stray Kids’ “SKZ-TALKER” episodes, the members posed in front of an industrial themed wall to take pictures at Music Core.

| @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Seungmin even pointed to the wall and told Han, “Find Stray Kids here.” Though he was presumed to be joking with Han, after he couldn’t guess what Seungmin was talking about, maybe Stray Kids was actually hidden in the wall. With the chains and Seungmin’s antics… maybe it was a spoiler for the chains in “Red Lights.”

Whether or not these were intentional spoilers or just coincidences, fans don’t mind; they got OT8 “Red Lights.” And, if Stray Kids do decide to do a similar concept in the future as a group, they won’t mind that either.

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