Stray Kids Perform “Charmer” For The First Time And Fans Can’t Get Enough

You could say the choreography was more than a little charming…

Stray Kids‘ recent comeback, ODDINARY, was extraordinarily successful as the album topped iTunes charts, had record-breaking pre-sales, and debuted at No. 1 on multiple Billboard charts, including the Billboard 200 chart.

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Alongside the title track “MANIAC,” the b-sides “VENOM,” “Lonely St.,” and “FREEZE” got incredibly cinematic music videos that showed off not only the songs but Stray Kids’ immense acting skills.

But one b-side that fans especially loved was “Charmer,” which wasn’t given a music video or stage performance. The song’s alluring melody and confident lyrics captured the attention of fans who hoped that they would be able to see the group eventually perform the song.

The song even became popular on TikTok, with creator @ten_yujin creating a dance challenge.


plz let’s dance this trend!! 🥹 #skz #charmer #tenyujin

♬ оригинальный звук – Ten Yujin

| @ten_yujin/TikTok 
| @ten_yujin/TikTok 

But, even still, fans were hopeful now that Stray Kids has kicked off their Stray Kids 2nd World Tour ‘MANIAC,’ they would finally get to see the popular song performed live.

And, it seems as though Stray Kids listened to their fans, performing “Charmer” as one of the songs in their setlist for their first concert in Seoul.

And the choreography, which featured a mix of hard-hitting and soft, sultry movements, seems to be everything fans hoped for.

Fans went crazy over everything from Hyunjin‘s adorable meerkat pose…

To Felix and Bang Chan‘s less-cute ab reveals.

Fans were enraptured with I.N and Han‘s incredible stage presence during the performance.

And Seungmin and Hyunjin‘s fantastic dancing.

And although it’s too close to call, fans believe “Charmer” is definitely Lee Know or Changbin‘s song.

The captivating performance makes fans hopeful that they’ll continue to keep getting more “Charmer” stages.

It was definitely a performance worth waiting for.

Although, now, many fans will be waiting for the dance practice instead.

Fans can look forward to Stray Kids’ upcoming concert dates for more incredible performances.

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