Stray Kids’ “ODDINARY” Debuts As No. 1 On The Billboard 200 Chart – Here’s Why Even The Date Is Meaningful To Fans

The timing is kismet!

Stray Kids‘ latest comeback with mini album ODDINARY is sweeping charts and breaking records as fans are loving everything about the new era from the incredible music, the cinematic music videos, and fantastic styling.

And now Stray Kids have broken another record with ODDINARY as they make their debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

ODDINARY also is No. 1 on Billboard’s top-selling albums of the week.

And has received other No. 1 spots on different Billboard charts.

Fans of the group love that the album has received so many accolades on the latest Billboard charts, truly showing off the group’s success.

And not only did Stray Kids make their debut as No. 1, but the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

Recently Stray Kids received their first music show win on KBS‘s Music Bank on the same day as Stray Kids’ four-year anniversary.

And now, their debut on the Billboard 200 chart happened on the same day as Stray Kids’ debut stage of “District 9” four years ago.

Fans are joking that the universe must be a fan for these milestones to occur on such special days for Stray Kids and their fans.

And while, of course, the achievements are meaningful to fans, Stray Kids haven’t hidden that their new achievements are also incredibly meaningful to them as well.

Fans noticed that Stray Kids’ Twitter account retweeted all of Billboard’s tweets about their accomplishments.

And within hours, Stray Kids even released a celebratory video to their YouTube channel, showing footage compiled over Stray Kids’ four years as artists, showing them going from their debut to their achievements now.

Fans of the group are even remembering how Stray Kids’ Lee Know at one point thought that his fans had “made up” Billboard as a way to cheer on the group. And are feeling sentimental over how he went from not even knowing Billboard was real to having a No. 1 debut.

There is no question that Stray Kids have given their all to their music, even always being involved heavily in the production of their songs, and fans are truly grateful that they were finally able to achieve this level of recognition.

Congratulations to Stray Kids!

You can watch the music video for “MANIAC” here.

You can watch Stray Kids’ debut stage of “District 9” from four years ago here.

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