Stray Kids Share Which Music Genre They Want To Try Next And It’s Definitely A Style Fans Will Love

“So are we all taking off our clothes?”

As part of their promotions for their recent comeback, ODDINARY, Stray Kids had an interview with Consequence, where they talked about everything from what they hope fans get out of listening to ODDINARY

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan | Consequence/YouTube 

Not everyone’s ordinary and how everyone is, you know, out of the ordinary.

-Bang Chan

… To the differences between “MANIAC” and “THUNDEROUS…”

Stray Kids’ Felix | Consequence/YouTube 

Listening to “MANIAC” is not only impactful but I guess it shows another, I guess, cooler side.


… To Han realizing he was unaware of a key feature in his room…

Stray Kids’ Han | Consequence/YouTube 

And Bang Chan stopped by to ask me something…


… To the music genre that they would most want to try.

When the interviewer first asked the members what genres they wanted to try, Bang Chan chimed in that the members are “always open” to any genre.

(top, left to right) Stray Kids’ I.N, Seungmin, Bang Chan, Hyunjin, (bottom, left to right) Han, Changbin, Felix, and Lee Know | Consequence/YouTube 

I mean, we’re always open.

-Bang Chan

And, certainly, Stray Kids has continually proven that they can tackle and pull off any genre of music that they try. With their discography, which includes a lot of songs produced and written by the members themselves, ranging from more lyrical tracks to rock and EDM.

But while Bang Chan and the rest of the members seemed to not have any specific genres in mind, Han knew exactly what concept he wanted to try.

| Consequence/YouTube 

I want to try the… the… Remember the unit track that Bang Chan and Hyunjin did together?


Han quickly brought up “Red Lights,” a unit track from Bang Chan and Hyunjin.

Hyunjin in “Red Lights” 

“Red Lights” was part of another series on Stray Kids’ YouTube channel, “[SKZ SONG CAMP] Howl in Harmony,” where all the members were split into groups to produce a song and film a music video. Giving fans a behind-the-scenes look into their more typical process.

In addition to “Red Lights,” Han, Seungmin, and I.N released “Gone Away.”

Han in “Gone Away” 

And Lee Know, Changbin, and Felix released “Surfin’.”

(left to right) Lee Know, Changbin, and Felix in “Surfin'” 

As Changbin explains, “Red Lights” had a “sexy” genre which Han thinks would be exciting to try since they’ve never done a concept like that as a whole group.

| Consequence/YouTube 

So something sexy?


| Consequence/YouTube 

“We haven’t done a genre like “Red Lights” together as a team yet, so if we do try…


Even as Bang Chan expresses his surprise in the background, Han is undeterred in sharing that he believes it would share a new side of them with fans.

| Consequence/YouTube 

… Such a genre, I think we will be able to show a very different side of us.


Han even goes so far as to suggest that Bang Chan will have to take his shirt off like he did in the Kingdom performance of “WOLFGANG.”

| Consequence/YouTube 

You’ll take off your clothes like in “WOLFGANG.”


And even though Bang Chan teasingly tries to suggest that they should all then take their clothes off…

| Consequence/YouTube 

So are we all taking off our clothes?

-Bang Chan

… Han is teasingly firm that only Bang Chan will.

| Consequence/YouTube 

Nope. Just you.


Why am I the only one?

-Bang Chan

While fans can certainly look forward to any style of music Stray Kids try, it would definitely be interesting to see the whole group tackle a “Red Lights” type concept.

You can watch the rest of the interview here.

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