“Case 143” Is Now Officially Tied For Stray Kids’ Most Award-Winning Song

And it could still keep winning awards!

On October 21, Stray Kids took home their sixth win with their most recent title track, “Case 143”, on Music Bank!

They scored a total of 8,113 points against MAMAMOO‘s 6,908 points for “ILLELLA”, ultimately earning them first place on this week’s broadcast.

| Music Bank

With this sixth win, “Case 143” has actually tied as Stray Kids’ song with the most music show wins ever, and their promotion period isn’t even over yet!

This sixth win is also their third to earn the weekly music award on three different music shows — Show ChampionM Countdown, and Music Bank consecutively — which makes their winning streak even more impressive.

Music show wins for the last two weeks | K-Pop Daisuki

Prior to the sixth win for “Case 143”, Stray Kids’ 2021 song “Thunderous” reigned supreme as their most-winning song with six total awards won.

“Back Door” and “MANIAC” both have the second-most wins with two music show awards each.

And finally, “MIROH”, “Levanter”, and “Christmas EveL” all have won one music show award, bringing Stray Kids’ current total awards to nineteen.

Congratulations to Stray Kids for all that “Case 143” has accomplished so far, and here’s to many more achievements in the future!

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