Hairdresser Goes Viral Due To His Unbelievable Resemblance To Stray Kids’ Changbin

Changbin’s Salon!

A hairdresser is going viral due to his resemblance to Stray KidsChangbin.


TikToker Tristan Clausen (@tritanttv on TikTok) recently shared a vlog of him getting his hair dyed.


hair vlog

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He posted another video about getting his hair dyed, though, and it blew up way more than the original. It garnered 2.5M views and 561.7K likes at the time of writing!


last one

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The reason why? One of the handsome hairdressers in the background…

| @tritanttv/TikTok

The comment section was filled with STAYs (Stray Kids fans) commenting “Changbin.” They couldn’t believe the hairdresser’s uncanny resemblance to the Stray Kids rapper.


Some were so low-key convinced it was really Changbin that they even tagged Stray Kids’ official account, demanding answers.


Tristan went to beauty salon specializing in Asian hair, Ssooniestyle, in Los Angeles, California. DPR LIVE, DPR IAN, and Junny have all visited. So, seeing a famous celebrity like Changbin there wouldn’t be too shocking.

Not only that, but Stray Kids just recently performed their encore concert in Los Angeles, California, as part of their 2nd World Tour “Maniac” on March 31. So, Changbin was likely in L.A. at the time…

We’re not saying it was Changbin… But the whole thing does remind us of something…


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Does anyone else remember the iconic “Changbin Salon” meme?

Maybe Changbin really does have a salon!

Source: tritanttv

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